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>>JOIN GALLERIES << is a website developed by a collector of Iraqi stamps who did not find a comprehensive resource on the web which deals with this subject.

Here are sample screens from the galleries:

Stamps Gallery – sample stamp view – click image to enlarge

Stamps Gallery – search for a stanley gibbons number – click to enlarge

Stamps Gallery – the list of issues for the year 1980 – click image to enlarge
Stamps Gallery – example of results for saddam stamps – click to enlarge

FDC Gallery – Year listing of FDCs – click image to enlarge

FDC Gallery – Viewing a single FDC – click image to enlarge


You can contribute to the site in the following ways:

1) If you have stamps/FDCs or any other philatelic material which are not found in the galleries and you have large scans of those, please get in touch using the Contact Us form and i will be in touch with you about how to put them on the gallery. You can have your name displayed as the contributer.

2) If you would like to ask a question about Iraqi stamps or have a stamp which you need people’s opinions on, please get in touch using the Contact Us form.

3) If you would like to contribute money towards keeping this site up and running and updated please let me know using the Contact Us form.

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