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Archive for April, 2008

do not buy from mati248

here are some of the items that this user sells which are all fakes but he sells them as genuine errors.  

These are artistamps commemorating the involvement of various country military in the recent Iraq war. They are : Lithuanian, Bosnian, Spanish, and Latvian artistamps     Note this is not available to purchase from this website.

On eBay, a seller called 4wstamps is selling fake Iraq under occupation stamps. The stamps are famously known as fakes and it prompted the UPU to issue a statement at the time regarding these stamps. I am naming the seller because this is cheating and this is not the first time, so try not to […]

unlisted stamp

I found this stamp on Ebay that I have not seen before.  It looks like a revenue stamp, 10 Fils in value. The contribution goes to the Teachers Union for the purpose or towards the cause of guerrilla activities. There is no date on the stamp but the value and labels suggest that if its […]