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Archive for February, 2008

Unlisted Iraq stamp

I am very excited by this stamp which I just found on eBay. It looks like a revenue stamp of sorts. It doesn’t look like an official stamp, looks more like a cinderella stamp, but the numbers and symbols on the stamp are interesting. The numbers/values are not in Arabic which makes me change my […]

1944 Children’s Association Welfare in Nejef, very interesting item, the earliest Iraqi cinderella stamp I have seen.

Cinderella stamps from 1953?

I found this on eBay too, but there is no verification that its actually anything to do with Iraq. International Conference to Protect Youth’s Rights

Some more armies artistamps you can purchase on eBay right now, they commemorate the participation of the Czech and Lithuanian army participation in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. These are not from this site so it is not sold here.

Due to popular demand, I have re-issued 8 sets of stamps which I released in 2003-2003, the only difference is these are perforated rather than 5 years ago, they were imporforated and on sticker paper. The sets describe the events from before the fall Baghdad in 2003 and continues to document the events after. The sets are as […]