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Archive for December, 2007

The $60,000 Baghdad stamp

I have seen this stamp before on eBay, it is obvious it will never sell because there is no certificate with it, no one has seen it or heard about it before, and it has a ridiculous price, but anyway I have a larger scan of this stamp which is on sale at the moment […]

Ok these are no mine so please don’t ask if I have them for sale.  I found these on eBay, they are nice and interesting, the original stamps had Military occupation of San Dinero, now San Dinero is just a non existent country in South America. In the ones below, the words San dinero are overprinted with the […]

I noticed an increase in the scams that are the colour variation “errors” and the missing parts of stamps “errors” on Iraqi stamps being sold on eBay for a lot of money. In case you  have not read past posts that I wrote about these, these are not errors. These imperfections are added or created […]

I covered these stamps before here, they are on sale again on eBay but interestingly this time the advert mentions that they are local stamps, meaning people in Basra use or used this before, THIS IS NOT TRUE, these are just artistamps and not postage or local stamps.

The galleries have now been changed. Instead of having two separate galleries (stamps and FDCs), now the galleries are combined into one big gallery area and access to them is completely FREE, you need to register to access the galleries, you will need a valid email address as you will be sent a confirmation […]

New Artistamps set – Ashura

A new set of two stamps commemorating the day of Ashura. The stamps are in two colours, dark green and dark red and values of 500 Dinars each. The Day of Ashura is on the 10th day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar and marks the climax of the Remembrance of Muharram but not the […]

Two years for

Its the second year anniversary of this website and I would like to welcome all new visitors and thank all the regular visitors to the site and all the people that have helped me and continue to do so to run this site and to create the stamp designs you see display. was created in […]

This is an item i saw on eBay which is being sold as an Iraqi revenue stamp, I have not seen this item before and judging by the writing on the stamp which I could not read, it doesn’t look like Arabic and so I can assume this is in persian and is an Iranian […]

Thanks to Jaffar, a new friend to the site, he has alerted me to the fact that there are two new style fake sample sets on eBay. The sets are shown below. The stamps show a darker area to the normal stamps and that is supposed to be indication that they are sample stamps before […]

I have created a new section of the gallery which shows only Iraqi stamps proofs. This section now contains many items (100+). I also found a nice article explaining what proofs/essay are, it is taken from the NY Times. By BARTH HEALEY Published: March 19, 1989 So much of a stamp’s design seems predictable – […]