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Archive for November, 2007

I came across these stamps on eBay which were described as unofficial so that’s a good start but the buyer is implying that some were used as real postage on covers, well there is absolutely no proof of that. After the occupation of 2003 a lot of these fake overprints turned up but were quickly […]

A set of eight definitive stamps, the first six are smaller in size than the other two. The stamps have different colours and values from 250 Dinar to 7500 Dinar. All the stamps have the Iraqi coat of arms in the center of the stamp. The Coat of arms of Iraq includes the golden Eagle […]

A set of eight stamps in different values and colours. The message behind this set is to show the views of the majority of the Iraqi population and their rejection to occupation and terrorism and destruction. Here are the stamp values and themes. 1000 – No to Terrorism 1500 – No to Occupation 2000 – […]

This is a set of 5 stamps in values of 1000,2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 Dinars. The stamps commemorate Nouri Al-Maliki who has been and still is the prime minister of Iraq since 20/5/2006 . His term is suppose to finish in 2010. Nouri Kamel al-Malaki was born in Abu Gharaq, a central Iraqi town […]

New Artistamps set – Baghdad

This is a new set of stamps which is dedicated to Baghdad. The set consists of four stamps of values, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 5000 Dinars. The stamps each contain a verse from a poem by Kareem Al-Iraqi and sang by Kathem Al-saher which is dedicated to the hard times that Baghdad has endured in […]

These are not FDCs

I’ve just been checking out eBay for some Iraq items and I came across a person selling what he is calling FDCs but they are not First Day Covers, they are just an envelope which have mint stamps stuck on them (various years) post marked with a bogus postmark which doesn’t even tell you the […]

I regularly check the website logs (the website statistics, things like how many visitors, who visits the site, what people look at) and I came across a search engine which I never heard of, that a few people are coming to this site through. I searched for ‘iraq stamps’ in that search engine and found […]