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Archive for October, 2007

The following issues are now not available to purchase: – I am Iraqi Campaign FDC – Iraqi Elections (Stamps and FDC) – First visit by Iraqi PM to Iran FDC – Jalal Al Talabani FDC – Iraq Provinces (Stamps) – Iraq in Asian Games 2006 (Stamps) – South Iraq (Stamps) and there is one more […]

Sale items in the shop

In order to clear the remainder of the stock of the old issues and to concentrate on new issues, I have made a number of price reductions which can be seen by visiting the shop area.

3 New artistamps created

I have created 3 new artistamps issues: 1) Iraq Religions This is to commemorate the different religions in Iraq, I am sure there are more but there are only 5 main religions and there are 5 stamps in this issue. An FDC is also available to purchase. 2) The Martydom of Abd Alsattar Abu Risha […]

I have finished creating the FDCs for the artistamps issue of the Iraq win in the Asia cup, it is available to purchase from the shop. It consists of 5 regular sized FDCs and two large size FDCs for the final game. Only a few are available because they take a long time to prepare.