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Archive for August, 2007

I noticed these new artistamps on eBay, they are of the collection that I wrote about before, mostly to do with the nations who sent troops in 2003 to Iraq. They are not done by me so they are not sold here but its worth showing them: Albasra local issue Thai Royal Military Force 2003

Spot the error for $100

I don’t know, sometimes you just have to laugh at some of the ridiculous errors you see on Iraqi stamps and being sold on eBay. This one is pretty funny, a spotty mini sheet being sold for $100 and under the description, ‘one of a kind’, well ofcourse its one of a kind, someone just […]

To celebrate the Iraq football team’s win in the Asian cup 2007, a special offer of life time membership to the galleries section of is now available for £4.99 ($10).  You can become a member by clicking the pay now button in the first item of the website shop. Remember you do not need […]

The Iraq football team have won the Asian Cup 2007 tournament and as a tribute I created these Arti-stamps to capture some of the important moments for the team in this tournament. Six sets of stamps of four each commemorating each Iraq match of the tournament + 4 mini sheets from the final of the […]