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Archive for May, 2007

I now have a copy of the Scott catalogue for 2007 and I will be adding the Scott catalogue numbers to the stamps in the stamps gallery. Other updates: I have decided the structure of the new gallery area (albums) and as well as stamps and FDCs, there will be a money gallery, a philatelic […]

eBay has launched a new service for internet users which allows people to insert an Ebay listing into their website or blog which can be used both as an advertising for that item and also as a discussion point. To better demonstrate this, here is a item I randomly selected from ebay to test This […]

I am planning to change the galleries section for a number of reason which will improve the user experience and will help me with the maintainance and to add new stuff easily.  At the moment there are two galleries, the FDC and the stamps gallery, and they separate to each other which sounded like a […]