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Archive for April, 2007

I was just browsing around to see if the Iraq post office will ever get some kind of web presence like any other country and it seems like they don't, but what I did find a press release from the ministry of communication which controls the post office and some things it says (traslated): 1) […]

Over 50 new FDCs from the period 1970-1980 has been added to the FDC gallery. You can view them here

Over the next few days I will be adding over 50 new FDCs to the FDC gallery, these are mostly from the years 1970-1980. You will see some have been added already click here .

I have one copy available for sell at the moment in the website shop, first come first serve, click here to buy .  

THIS INFORMATION IS NOW OUT OF DATE, SUBSCRIBE TO GALLERIES FOR FREE As of Monday 2nd April 2007, the use of the galleries will be restricted only to a paid one-off subscription. This website started as a free for all website but didn’t generate much interest to be able to fund its existence from […]