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Archive for March, 2007

These are the pictures of the Iraq stamp catalogue project which I was working on. I only have one copy at the moment and due to costs I will make copies when i recieve the orders.   Please note: 1) The catalogue contains 66 pages, all the stamps are to scale and in full colour. 2) […]

I have been working on a this project with the aim to release a catalogue of all the Iraqi stamps with full colour images and I decided to start on the period between 1990 and 2003, mostly because I have a full collection of those stamps and because its probably one of the most confusing periods […]

Well this brought a smile to my face. This is a postcard sent from Switzerland to Saddam Hussain (the now hanged dictator), supposidly from agent 'Bill'. I can't see the date on the post mark, I don't have a doubt its genuine but I'm sure it never made it past the borders. I think it […]

Artistamps topics

I have been busy designing Iraq artistamps sets to commemorate various subjects like the Iraq participation in the last Olympic games etc. If you have any subject you think deserves to be on artistamps or if you have designs yourself please let me know via the contact form.

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Oman and Bahrain Stamps

On a recent visit to Oman and Bahrain I managed to get hold of many lots of stamps from these two countries.  For Oman things are a little difficult, the post office prints low amounts of stamps and gives priority to philatelic club members then releases the rest for public consumption. By about 3 months the whole […]