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Archive for February, 2007

Written by ahmed zaki   The 2 and Ans are not seperated as usual and as we see in the other two originals, and they are in the same level unlike the others.    

Kazem Al-Saher is one of the world's superstars. He's sold 30 million albums. Across the Middle East, and around much of the globe, the Iraqi's concerts sell out in a heartbeat. Born in 1961 in northern Iraq, Al-Saher took up guitar at 10, then switched to the more traditional oud. Two years later he wrote […]

Continuing with the artistamps range commemorating the participation of different armies as part of the coalition that invaded Iraq, here is a set of stamps commemorating the Latvian army involvement in the war and beyond. You can purchase these on Ebay just use the search facility.

I have added a new section to the site, its a shop section in which i will sell items that i normally advertise on eBay but this one maybe more exclusive to the visitors of the site. You can access the new section from the top navigation bar labelled 'Shop/Buy' and here is a link […]