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Archive for January, 2007

After the first Gulf war, the north of Iraq was out of Iraqi government control and there was a kind of* state in the north where the Kurds live (Kurdistan) and they used to have their own government and their own money and also their own stamps. Anyway with the fall of the Saddam regime […]

Similar to the Macedonian army artistamps features before, here is a set commemorating the Georgian Army involvement in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Here are two sets of stamps commemorating the Iraqi provinces of Salahaddin and Basra. Notice the value on the Salahaddin stamps in Arabic is actually reversed, an error!! :D 

Again on eBay I've seen a few items listed which might appeal to some inexperienced Iraq collectors or non Iraq collectors which are infact very common printing errors. During the period of economic sanctions between 1991-2003 Iraqi stamps were printed cheaply and lots and lots of printing errors existed and could be reproduced by your […]

Written by ahmed zaki 1st sign what si this 3 after An ? it just does not make sense to see such an error 2nd sign the 1 is just too thick 3rd sign the 1 and the An are leveled (one the same line) and if you verify all these forged stamps we can […]

Funny printing error forgery

This ridiculous attempt at fooling people into thinking this is a genuine error has to be the most outragious I have seen so far on eBay. Judge for yourself. The World Cup 2002 MS, one has only the world cup and the other has the world cup missing, how convienient !!

Well I didn't know this but Macedonia was part of the coalition that invaded Iraq in 2003, and i found these stamps for sell on eBay which are artistamps. Not official stamps but certainly interesting and well made.  

After the death of the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussain, a few interesting items have have come up for sale on eBay relating to stamps. Here are three such FDCs, they are very collectable and I really like them. Two FDCs feature USA stamps, from both Gulf war eras, and the other one has […]

Written by ahmed zaki Has a cancellation with "MEF" which is the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (also BMEF), these are British HQ formed mainly in Italian colonies in the Mediterranean, like tripoli, salonika, areteria and somalia, some information about these you can find here But these never reached Iraq or Baghdad !! how how can […]

Written by ahmed zaki Turn the stamp 90CW, you will have the honour to see a stamp of Baghdad issue with HAIFFA (Palestine) cancellation. check (Ottoman Empire Cancellations part2), it can be no. 54, 55, 56, 57 or 58 (see pp. 76), i cannot identify which one precisely because only about 20% of it is […]

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