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Archive for December, 2006

I just noticed this stamp being sold on eBay. The advert claims that this is some kind of concept or sample stamp that never made it to the print room giving the impression that it was commissioned officially. It is being sold for a lot of money and it is a rip off. This stamp […]

Another posting on eBay and another amazing error, errors could be as small as a mysterious dot appearing from somewhere or in this case a number. This is supposed to be a variety of the S.G. 111 King Faisal surcharged stamp. It claims to have an extra number 1 between the 1 and 0 in […]

I recently saw an advert advertising this stamp on eBay, its supposed to be an error of the King Faisal 1932 Stanley Gibbons number 107. It mentions in the advert that its the "wide space" variety and that it has S.G. number 107d. I checked the SG website and the SG Middle East catalogue and […]

Focus on Railway stamps

The Iraq Directory, a general and commercial Directory of Iraq with a supplement for the neighboring countries, issue of 1936, gives following reference to the Railway Post letters: Ordinary letters or postcards may be handed in at most railway stations in Iraq to be forwarded by the first available passenger train to other railway stations […]

Written by ahmed zaki The 1919 Mosul issue 2 1/2 Annas with the error no bar to fraction, listed in stanley gibbons, only I believe that this stamp was printed as normal, then altered by removing the bar. the process is very difficult, here the person have done a bad job, such work could have […]

Error or Design

I browsed a recent item advertised on eBay, and the advert was selling an Iraqi FDC, shown in the picture, and claiming that this is a cancellation error and selling what should be a relatively cheap item for many times the price it should cost. The item has two cancellations on the stamps side, one […]

Written by ahmed zaki This is another instance of deleting part of a stamps, concentrating on a part with a white background because it is easy to do that. Unfortunately even though it looks so obvious, some people will believe this is a real error and purchase such items.

How I Wrote My Catalog

By: JOE ROSS   How I Wrote My Catalog WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO WRITE A CATALOG? There is no profit! There is no instant gratification and the time and money spent can never be recovered. Egotism? I think not. My reason is basic: sharing what I have learned with other collectors. There are other factors, […]

I'm very excited to welcome Joe Ross, the co-author of the catalogue "The Revenue Stamps of Iraq" to The catalogue has been a great resource to all serious collectors of Iraqi stamps and Joe has kindly accepted to help this community by posting his thoughts and articles. I would also like to offer my sincere […]

Written by ahmed zaki These were selling a lot of from Jordan based sellers. It is amazing how many people try to sell these stamps (missing part of the stamp), it is very easy to do this (but i will not tell so i don't encourage people to do the same). This is an […]

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